The minute I started contemplating the idea of studying cyber security, a lot of doubts came into mind.   Where do I start?  Given that I already hold a Master’s degree in another field, how am I going to learn the terminology and essentials of this new field? … These questions do not deter my drive on studying cyber security.  I find that information security is a complex and profound discipline with an explicit target in mind, as it always pursues data and systems protection, maintaining it safe and secure.  After all, information security plays a vital role in achieving your identity protection as well as the company’s and I want to be part of it. 

In this website, I’ll have links, RSS from great companies and experts in malware as well as tips on how to stay safe. I want to share with you the latest on malware threats, exploits, attacks, so you can stay up to date and always be data safe.


Sharayma Saez’s GISF Badge