Cyber Links, May 19, 2021

Ryan Kovar, Sans Institute

Lance Spitzner, Director of  SANS Security Awareness talks about the steps you can take to protect your privacy, not only on Facebook, but for any social networking sites you use online.

Check Point talks about the 3 ‘Most Wanted’ malware as well as the 3 “Most Wanted’ mobile malware.  Check Point provides details about how they are spread and used.  Press releases published in June 20, 2017.

Check Point Software Technologies Advisories Archive 2017; published 06-26-2017, you tube June 2017

Attack Prevention….Palo Alto Networks Ignite 2017- Lee Klarich

Check Point Software Technologies Advisories Archive 2017


Stay Data Safe and Scan First!

Virus Total a scanning service that analyzes malware, virus and URL.  And….it’s FREE!

Check Point Threat Intelligence and research teams discover installed malware called Fireball.