Social Engineering Attack…

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This happened through social media in January 2018… (VICTIM) (VICTIM)                                   (BAD ACTOR) (VICTIM)                                   (BAD ACTOR)     Did you really believe a stranger is attracted at you only by looking at your pictures? Tells you that you are beautiful, the wife died, is taking care of business and is making ALLOT of money […]

Social Engineering (Ingeniería Social)

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Even though this was published a year ago, I would like to share with you this important OUCH Security Awareness Newsletter by SANS Securing the Human.  It talks about what’s Social Engineering, how to detect it and what you can do to stop this kind of attack.   English version: https://   Spanish version:

The Equifax Breach

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The Equifax Breach, the Dark Web, and the Power of Lifetime Data by Emily W. @ Terbium Labs (   Terbium Labs explained the compromised data on the Dark Web, the huge impact and what people should expect over time due to the Equifax breach.

Equifax Hack!

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Hi Friends! Definitely the bad guys are not going to stop.   As you may know, Equifax (a consumer credit reporting agency), was hacked and our personal information unfortunately was compromised.   What can we do?… The following link, by SANS Security Awareness, will provide valuable tips and information.

What is Brute Force?…

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According to Keith Palmgren (Senior SANS Instructor), Brute Force attack simply guesses every possible crypto key until eventually one of them work.  In other words,  it doesn’t matter if it’s today or in the future the Brute Force attack will ALWAYS work.  Are we ready to fight this attack?